Our main activity involves the manufacture of complex mechanical components. We provide comprehensive solutions, suggest optimisation to our customers in terms of their designs, and propose improvements while respecting their functional nature. We provide a combination of technical experience and expertise about the product that enables us to meet the most stringent requirements demanded by the market.



We are strategic collaborators for our customers. We know their product and they can rely on our advice from the design stage onwards. To this end, we have the finest technology tools at our disposal for design (CAD SOLID EDGE) and manufacture (CAM NX 5 Axis).


Many companies who require spare parts or parts for maintenance from us do not have manufacturing plans. In such cases, inverse engineering tends to be the only solution. Basically, we create the plan after rigorously studying the part’s application and then propose improvements after analysing the reasons for wear and tear or breakage of the component to be manufactured.


Based generally on an idea put forward by the customer, we then design, measure and manufacture all types of tools, prototypes and subunits in order to seek improvements in production processes.